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Email Marketing

What is a Bulk Email? – Definition and Guide

A bulk email is a marketing message sent by a brand to multiple recipients at once. It aims to promote a business, sell goods, and develop relationships.

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PSA Software
PSA Software

What is PSA software?

PSA implementation can bring with it several advantages for businesses, but particularly for managed services providers (MSPs). This is in part because MSPs are likely to be managing an especially large customer base with high-level requirements, and may be responsible for a broad set of IT services.

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Project Management

The Simplest Way to Build a Project Timeline

A recent survey found that only 29% of companies complete a majority of their projects on time, and just 43% do so within budget. So what are these companies doing correctly? Simply put, they create an accurate and efficient project timeline.

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CONREP - Searving Clients Worldwide
PSA Software

Top Reasons Why You Need Professional Services Automation Software

Professional services automation is a full-scale software suite developed to assist specialists in project- and service-oriented businesses, such as IT consulting, computer software, creative agencies, etc.

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