Installed (on-premise) Solution

Conrep's installed 'on-premise' solution is designed to meet the needs of organizations which want to maintain their application in a dedicated server, either at their own premises or with their hosting provider. With Conrep's installed solution, you get perpetual user licenses to use the Conrep application for your own environment.

We help you host the Conrep software in your organization by providing configuration guidelines and online support.

Key Features
  • Decide your security, disaster recovery and other protection measures based on your own policies and guidelines.
  • Access within your local network.
  • Facilitate upgrades, service packs, configuration modification, and problem escalation.
  • Website and Email hosting.
  • Control Panel access to manage your server online.
  • Secure access: Protect your software and data with our state-of-the-art encryption and firewall protection.
  • Automatic daily backups.
  • Optional server management services.
  • Convert to SaaS or Dedicated Hosting solution, when needed. We help you with configuration and data migration.