Conrep recognizes that it is important for our customers to be involved in the project and be aware of the key issues on the project, so that they can make decisions even if some or the entire work is performed by our implementation team. Our project approach provides for this exchange of information and for on-going customer involvement in the project from a review and approval perspective.

As part of the eventual handoff to the client, a combination of hands-on and classroom training is typically conducted to ensure that the right people in the customer's organization are well trained.

We follow the below steps for training and knowledge transfer:

  • Pre-assessment of users' knowledge or skill level (where applicable).
  • Structured, facilitated group training.
  • Implementation of vision and system objectives (i.e. why the system was designed).
  • Business and System processes.
  • Practice using the system.
  • System documentation handoff.
  • Post-assessment of users' knowledge level.
  • On-the-job training of users to properly hone their knowledge or skills for the specific tasks at hand.
  • Delivery of post-transfer assessment and update to stakeholders.
  • Stakeholder signoff.

We work with our customers to provide operational support once the system is deployed in the customer's production environment. This last stage of knowledge transfer ensures that any technical knowledge that may still be needed to maintain the system can be quickly addressed by Conrep's knowledgeable technical support team.