Professional Services

Conrep provides a dedicated team of implementation engineers experienced in implementing Conrep to work directly with customers to implement their application. Implementation entails a range of tasks, depending on the scope of the project. Implementation services see to it that your implementation is short and frictionless, enabling your enterprise to keep moving in the right direction, and around your specific business needs and challenges.

Through professional services, we help protect and enhance your IT investment and ensure that your application continues to meet your needs and expectations throughout its entire life cycle. Through partnership with you, we clarify your needs, evaluate all options, make recommendations and help you conceptualize the solution. We install and implement the solution, educate and train your staff, monitor the performance of the solution and measure its success. We provide you with complete solutions to meet your specific needs.

The project team develops a solution in accordance with the functional specifications prepared in advance with the customer. The implementation process results in a complete, fully tested and approved application for deployment. The project team is available to work on-site or remotely, depending on the customer's requirements.