Services Overview

"Customer service is not a department, it's an attitude. Our greatest asset is the customer and we treat each customer as if they are the only one!"

Conrep's commitment to deliver high quality business solutions means that our customers depend not only on our applications, but also on our experience in supporting those solutions. Conrep's products come with a world-class technical support organization. We have teams that specialize in the implementation, configuration, training, support as well as the customization of our applications.

Once your solution has been deployed, Conrep team shifts the responsibility of the solution to your IT staff and support professionals.


Conrep offers comprehensive implementation services for its products to ensure they are implemented effectively, meeting your expectations. As part of the implementation process, we spend time understanding your requirements and helping you determine how automation and process reengineering can improve your business. With this approach, specifications, cost and timelines can be effectively managed.

A key benefit of working with Conrep's implementation team is the proven project management process that is used along with a staff of skilled consultants to reduce risk and manage projects for on-time delivery within budget.

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Data Migration

The most important part of any implementation is ensuring the safe import of your mission-critical data from your existing systems into Conrep. All data conversions can be done using our flexible import tool or our in-house data conversion specialists can help you import the data, as per your needs. We have extensive experience in importing data from various systems and databases.

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We work with our customers to provide operational support once the system is deployed in the customer's production environment. This last stage of knowledge transfer ensures that any technical knowledge that may still be needed to maintain the system can be quickly addressed by Conrep's knowledgeable technical support team.

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Professional Services

Improper configuration is the major cause of new system failure. Our implementation services deliver the expertise required to achieve successful implementation from the get-go. We install, set up, configure, train and verify your Conrep system so that it provides optimum stability and performance.

Conrep is well equipped to provide you with the skills, knowledge, and tools necessary for the successful implementation of a timeless and scalable solution. Using our highly-skilled and knowledgeable professionals, our tried-and-tested processes, and unbeatable technology, you can maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your Conrep product implementation, while empowering your own employees with the means to achieve your organizational goals.

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All our products are backed by in-house telephone support. In-depth knowledgebase, tutorials, online issue tracking, and support tools are available via our secure online customer support portal.

After implementation, and during the lifetime of the service contract, Conrep maintains the integrity of the system and adds new upgrades to improve the overall functionality and performance.

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