Implementation Services

The combination of strong project management processes and a skilled staff are critical to the successful implementation of Conrep products. Conrep Team has a record of finishing projects on-time and within budget. Conrep products are effective on large as well as small projects and help keep the Project Manager abreast of the status of each deliverable and the project as a whole.

Conrep is founded on the strong belief that the long-term growth and prosperity of a business is directly dependent on completing projects conscientiously. Our commitment to quality starts even before the design process, and our work plan is the beginning of the quality process.

Client requirements are discussed and incorporated to provide complete satisfaction. Moreover, client review and approval milestones are built into project schedules to ensure that clients have input, and therefore, receive the services they expect. Although each Conrep product implementation is unique, the basic approach is the same our implementation methodology ensures that nothing is overlooked. We develop a clearly-defined communication plan to keep everyone involved on course. Any issues or concerns are quickly addressed throughout the process.

Some of the principals around this approach include:

  • Open communication and collaboration.
  • Shared Vision.
  • Empowered team members.
  • Clear accountability and responsibility.
  • Uncompromised focus on the client's business value and Return on Investment(ROI).
  • Agility, nimbleness, and poised for change.
  • Learning from all experiences.

Conrep follows an iterative approach to project life cycle management with the following steps:

  • Visualize.
  • Plan.
  • Configure.
  • Stabilize.
  • Approve.
  • Deploy.