Applicant Tracking System

Conrep's Applicant Tracking System (ATS) helps you reduce time-to-hire, automates your staffing process and provides you with the competitive tools to improve the productivity of your Sales & Recruiting team.

Some of the essential features of ATS are: Work-flow Resume Parser Resume Board Searching Mass Mailing Outlook Integration Reporting

Requirements & Submissions Management

  • Requirement/Job Order postings
  • Website integration
  • Internal & Client Submissions/Rejections
  • Interview tracking
  • Automate & Track Rate confirmation emails
  • Avoid duplicate submissions
  • Confirmations & Drop-offs
  • Onboarding Process
Mass Mailing
  • Unlimited Mailing Lists & Email Templates
  • Send Requirements to Vendors & Candidates
  • Send Hotlist to your Contacts/Bench Marketing
  • Personalized emails to reach recipients
  • Process thousands of emails in minutes
  • Automated Opt-out/Unsubscribe process
  • Automated bounced email tracking
  • Conrep uses its own SMTP servers

Resume Management

  • Boolean Search
  • Advanced search options
  • Search inside resume files
  • Resume Parser
  • Bulk Resume Parsing
  • Resume reformatting

Resume Board & Web Search

  • Resume/Job Boards (Dice, Monster etc)
  • Free Resume Boards
  • Linked-in
  • College Boards
  • Open Web (Google, MSN, Yahoo etc)
  • Mass Email to search results
  • Add resumes to your database automatically
  • Resume Harvesting & Search scheduling


  • Recruiting & Sales team Activity Reports
  • Client Requirements Summary Reports
  • Track Internal & External SLAs