Conrep offers you an easy-to-use, flexible yet powerful environment to implement both simple and very complex workflows, involving human and system-based actions. Conrep workflow tools help you manage, automate and optimize your workflow and processes and thereby drive efficiencies.

Apply your own business rules and advanced work flow features using these key components:

  • Document Style Sheets (DSS).
  • Email Style Sheets (ESS).
  • Event-based email notifications.
  • Time-based email notifications.
  • Record Actions to update records.
  • Copy Rules to create records.
  • Email and create PDF attachments.
  • Update dependent records.
Key Features and Benefits
  • Apply event-based and time-based workflow actions.
  • Customize the contents and layout of email notifications.
  • Create conditions or exceptions based workflow.
  • Integrate with DSS and ESS.
  • Escalate automatically based on exceptions.
  • Monitor activities in real time and identify bottlenecks.
  • Create any business rules based on workflow data.
  • Notify users when certain records are created, changed or deleted.
  • Facilitate effective collaboration within the team.
  • Configure your own SMTP server for outgoing emails.
  • Activate or inactivate each workflow action on demand.
  • Improve operational efficiency.

Style Sheets and Email Templates 

Document Style Sheets (DSS) and Email Style Sheets (ESS) enable you to create pre-defined templates which can be used for your printing, exporting and emailing needs. Module-specific style sheets can be created using document fields, cross-module fields and HTML elements. User-friendly interface enables you to create simple as well as complex style sheets. Following are some of the key features:

  • WYSIWYG web-based HTML Editor.
  • Add Text, Images, fields, System fields, Reports, Charts, Summary Reports.
  • 100+ pre-defined style sheets, which can be modified directly or can be copied and modified as per your needs.
  • Can be nested inside another style sheet.
  • Email style-sheets in HTML format or PDF attachments.
  • Integrated with event-based and time-based email notifications.
  • Cut and paste style sheet format of selected records into external editors like email, Word, etc.
You can also generate HTML layout in any external HTML editor including MS Word, paste the content into Conrep HTML editor and customize it to include module-specific fields, so that field values are passed dynamically upon executing the style sheets.
  1. Email to the ticket owner when a new ticket is posted.
  2. Email to the Administration team upon a new Placement.
  3. Email to the Recruiter when a Requirement is assigned.
  4. Sales Activity Report.
  5. Email Birthday greetings to the employees.
  6. Email Welcome Kit to employees.

Alerts, Notifications and Event-based Actions 

Event-based actions help you perform certain actions automatically in the background, when a record is created, changed, deleted or invoked on demand. Configuration can be done such that actions are triggered only if such records meet specific conditions.

Event-based actions enable you to:

  • Notify users to take specific actions.
  • Combine email notifications with style sheets to send email in a pre-defined format.
  • Send emails to record specific, filter-based or selective recipients.
  • Automatically update fields of that module or parent/child module records.
  • Create records in any module using Copy Rules.
  • Execute other event based actions of that module, or parent/child module records.
  • Facilitate effective collaboration within team.
  1. Approving a Timesheet can automatically notify the Accounts department to accelerate the Invoicing process.
  2. Adding a new employee ticket can automatically notify the appropriate users to take necessary actions.

Time-based Actions Using Job Scheduling Tools 

Conrep's job scheduling tools allow you to perform actions repetitively at specified intervals. You can use your own SMTP server for sending mass emails.

Pre-defined Email Style Sheets (ESS) can be triggered using flexible scheduling options. You just need to select the ESS, recipients and the scheduling options. Emails, as per the defined ESS, are delivered to the recipient's inbox.

Job scheduling tools enable you to:

  • Deliver pre-defined email templates.
  • Combine email notifications with style sheets to send emails in a pre-defined format.
  • Send emails to filter-based or selective recipients.
  • Automatically update fields for records meeting specific conditions.
  • Invoke event-based triggers.
  • Create timesheets.
  • Archive data.
  • Delete log older than specific number of days.
  • Control your day-to-day operations.
  • Facilitate effective collaboration within teams.
1. Automatic reminders for Timesheets, Invoicing and Collections.
2. Automatic invoicing to Clients and payment reminders.