Webmail/POP3 Integration

Retrieving your messages from other email accounts just got easy with our new POP3 integration. With POP3 integration, you can now download messages from different mail accounts, centralizing all your email in Conrep inbox.

Conrep's POP3 interface offers you a clean and intuitive webmail interface. Meet demands of your existing users with the fast and modern-looking AJAX webmail. The look and feel is designed to give users what they may need at the moment and avoid clutter of complex menus, toolboxes and unwanted features. Email address auto-complete, drag-n-drop, message preview pane and other features saves time and increases user productivity.

Key Features
  • High performance and easy-to-use AJAX interface.
  • Multiple POP3/IMAP4 accounts per user.
  • Compose/Reply/Forward/Delete/Print mails.
  • Emails are rendered just like in Outlook.
  • Rich-text WYSIWYG Editor (compose HTML mails).
  • Scheduled downloads in the background even when user is not logged in.
  • 'Check mail' button to fetch messages on demand.
  • Parse bounced e-mails and delivery notifications.
  • Private, shared and public Calendars.
  • All the emails sent from the Conrep application get saved in the 'Sent Items' folder.
  • Address Book (Contacts, Groups, AJAX auto-complete).
  • Advanced search options.
  • All the emails and attachments are stored in your server.
  • Integrated with Conrep application modules.