Ensuring data privacy is integral to the success of any information system.

Though user's identity is verified by a password or other techniques, authorizations are required at all levels of Conrep applications, and all Conrep modules and functions are restricted to known and privileged users. By default only the Administrator will have access to all the data/functionalities in the system.

Our highly sophisticated security system allows the organization to have total control over the data across different levels of users. Access to specific areas of Conrep is restricted through user groups, roles, profiles and authorization management.

Key Features

  • Easy-to-use and flexible security configuration using user groups, roles, profiles and authorizations.
  • Provide access to Create, Read, Edit, Delete and Print/Email/Export selectively.
  • 30+ pre-defined industry-specific user groups.
  • 50+ pre-defined industry-specific roles.
  • Mix and match multiple roles and profiles to users and user groups.
  • Use advanced filters to control access to records meeting specific conditions.
  • User access and module access reports to see who has what access in a single screen.

Authorization Levels

Conrep offers flexible options to provide authorizations to users at different levels. You can further restrict access to Create, Read, Edit, Delete and Print/Email/Export for the below authorization levels:

  • Full Access : Administrators with complete access to all modules and divisions.
  • Module level: Access to selected modules.
  • Divisional level: Access to records belonging to a particular division.
  • Record level: Access to only records meeting specific conditions.
  • Field level: Block particular fields or make them non-editable for specific users.
  • Special Reports: Provide access of confidential reports to specific users and block them to the rest.

1. All users should have access to information belonging only to their own division, whereas management should have access to complete information across all divisions.
2. Sales executives should have access only to their own clients, whereas, sales managers should have access to their clients and also their sub-ordinates' clients.
3. HR team should not be able to edit or delete timesheets once they are approved.
4. HR executives can read and edit employee records but cannot print, email or export them.
5. All non-executive users should have access to read low-confidential company documents, whereas executive management should have access to all documents.

Information Assurance

At Conrep, we understand that modern networks and systems require an active model to defend against continuous cyber attacks and cyber misuse, and react to the continually changing network and systems. We have taken necessary precautions to keep the data secure and safe within the server using Linux Firewalls, Port Blocking, IP Tables, Encrypted Passwords and SSL Login.

In case of our customers hosting the application in their own servers, we work with you to plan and develop new network/security policies and procedures including security plans, corrective action plans, and disaster recovery plans. We continuously monitor and manage information security risks and act to correct them.