Stay on top of your key operational metrics.

Conrep's Reporting option lets business users get the desired information when they want, by combining effortless report building with powerful analytical capabilities. Using Dashboards and Summary Reports, you can easily access high-level numbers and instantly dive into the details behind the same using drill-through, and slice-and-dice capabilities.

Our Reporting tools enable you to create customized data views, drill down to data details and present data in a compelling graphical format. Comprehensive security model assures that only the right users have the right access to the appropriate data.

With the Reports wizard, even novice users can design complex, data-rich reports and charts as well as customize standard reports in no time. Conrep provides various reporting tools to create different types of reports including: Standard Reports, Summary Reports, Charts and Portal Reports.

There is no need to create new reports from the scratch. You can copy from one of Conrep's 400+ existing reports, make desired changes and save it as a new report.

Key Features
  • Create new reports in four easy steps.
  • Incorporate cross module fields, filters, calculations.
  • Use multi-field sorting, categorization, totals, sub-totals and formatting options.
  • Navigate to details with drill-down features.
  • Export your reports to Excel, HTML, PDF, CSV and Image Files.
  • Apply our flexible and dynamic Smart Filters.
  • E-mail reports with just one click or configure reports to be delivered automatically to your inbox.
  • User-specific personalization.
Sample Reports

Though you get pre-configured reports meeting the most common needs of your organization, you can further configure them the way you want. Following are some sample reports available in conrep.

  • Daily User Log Report