Outlook Plug-ins

Conrep's Outlook Plug-ins is the solution that can help you work with Conrep seamlessly from your Microsoft Outlook application, while you can continue to use the Outlook application you know and love. We have recognized these needs and have developed Outlook plug-ina to enhance the overall user experience.

You need not login into Conrep if you are using Outlook plug-ins. A Conrep session is created automatically by using the credentials that you have provided in the plug-ins settings screen.

Conrep plug-ins simply appear as an additional toolbar in the Outlook application. You can decide which buttons you prefer to use and you can easily change them when needed. Each button corresponds to individual screens/reports in Conrep. When you select an email and click on the appropriate button, it automatically parses the email content and fills the corresponding fields in Conrep screens.

The Outlook key that you specify in the settings screen should match with the key that you see in Conrep's user profile screen, for you to establish a Conrep session automatically. You can regenerate this Outlook key in your user profile any time and update it in your Outlook plug-ins settings.

Key Features
  • Supports Microsoft Outlook 2003 and up.
  • Configure your buttons, when you want.
  • Single-click login bypassing login screen.
  • Secure login authentication using encrypted passkey; change the key whenever you want.
  • Access your dashboard and important reports, right from your Outlook.
  • Automatic parsing of email content and auto population of fields while adding records.
  • Upload email attachments to Conrep records.
  • Choose to view email content while adding records into Conrep using split-window mode.
  • Access centralized hotlist with a single click and do submissions right from your Outlook.