Importing Data

Conrep's powerful import tool helps you import your data quickly into Conrep application modules. It provides flexible data migration facilities supporting ETL architecture. Data can be edited directly in the tool prior to being imported into the database.

Define Imports in five easy steps and use each import definition repetitively:

  • Define Source structure.
  • Define Fields and Transfer Rules.
  • Choose one or multiple target modules.
  • Define Update Rules for each target module.
  • Define duplicate records logic, if any, for each target module.

Once you define your import, you can choose to perform one step at a time or execute all steps sequentially with a single-click. Importing data into Conrep goes through the following steps:

  • Data extraction and staging in raw format.
  • Making any manual updates or executing data cleansing functions on staged data.
  • Data Transformation using Transfer Rules.
  • Making any manual updates or executing data cleansing functions on transformed data.
  • Loading data into target application modules as per the defined update rules.
  • Fixing erroneous records, if any, and re-uploading only those records.
Users can import their data (clients, vendors, contacts, etc.) with a single-click. All they need to do is choose the appropriate import, supply the data file and execute the import. That's it. All steps in the import process are executed automatically as per the import definition.

Find Import process diagram below: