Export/Print/Email Records

Conrep provides a common interface to export, print or email data from the system. Data can be exported easily in multiple formats from any Conrep report.

Even though users have read access to view the data, they must have print access for that module to be able to print, export or email data from the system.

Key Features
  • Additional security to restrict users from transferring data from the system.
  • Easy-to-use interface for export, print or email.
  • Choose between report and style sheet format.
  • Choose specific columns in the report.
  • Choose pre-defined email style sheets while emailing.
  • Create user-specific recipient groups and choose them while sending emails.
  • Send personalized emails addressing each recipient.
  • Maintain a log of all prints, emails and exports.
1. Print employee letters (Good Standing, Offer letter, Termination letter, etc.) by choosing the employee and the appropriate style sheet.
2. Email your open requirements list to your vendors in report or style sheet format.
3. Email your hotlist to clients using pre-defined email style sheets.
4. Prepare your payroll data, export it in MS Excel format and send it to your payroll service provider.