Dashboards provide an instant insight into individual, departmental, or enterprise performance. By delivering key metrics in an attractive and intuitive visual interface, Conrep dashboards gives business users the critical information they need to understand and improve organizational performance, thus enhancing the organization's ability to improve operational efficiency.

Links to crucial, live information puts control of business activities at your fingertips and govern areas of accountability for the users. Users identify trends at a glance and drill down into data sets to facilitate timely, well-informed decision-making.

Dashboards make it easy to deliver relevant business metrics to a large number of users, seamlessly integrated with key organizational metrics and processes. Following are the key benefits:
  • Rich, interactive visual displays so that business users can instantly perceive which business metrics are on track and which need attention.
  • Users can drill down to underlying reports and analysis to understand what factors contribute to a good or a bad performance.
  • You can integrate your multiple data sources with flexibility.
  • Dashboards help users monitor exceptions and take immediate action.
Key Features

Conrep makes it simple to design your own compelling dashboards using our web-based HTML editor. Key features are:

  • WYSIWYG Web-based HTML Editor.
  • Add Text, Images, Fields, System Fields, Reports, Charts, Summary Reports.
  • Create reusable sub-portals and add them to dashboards.
  • Assign one or more dashboards to individual users or user groups.
  • Switch between dashboards with a single click.
  • Email dashboards to users on-demand or at scheduled time intervals.
Pre-configured Dashboards
Though you get pre-configured dashboards meeting the most common needs of your organization, you can further configure them the way you want.

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