Calculated Fields & Filters

Calculated field derives its value from formulas involving field values, cross-module field values, constants, and the results of other formulas or functions. A calculated field automatically determines the correct value when involved records are changed and calculates "on the fly". It does not exist in the database.

In addition, these fields behave like regular fields, so you can reference them in other calculated fields or use them in your reports, summary reports, charts, sorts, filters, dashboards, relationships and other operations.

Our calculated fields are always be up-to-date since calculations are run automatically every time you change the value of any field that is a part of the formula, helping you maintain data integrity.

Key Features
  • Create even complex calculated fields with our user-friendly interface.
  • Access cross-module fields (parent and child modules) using pre-defined table relationships.
  • Create formulas consisting of values from other fields, constants, and the results of other formulas or functions.
  • Supports complex functions and has an extensive function library with more than 200 functions (String, Date/Time, Number, Arithmetic, etc.)
  • Group functions (Count, Sum, Max, Min, Avg) on child modules.
  • Access to Global variables (Exchange rates, Date formats, etc.), Company constants, System fields and User/Session fields.
  • 2000+ pre-defined calculated fields across various modules.
  • Ability to copy, edit and restore pre-defined calculated fields.
  1. If you have Hours and Bill Rate fields, you can create a calculated field 'Invoice Amount' using the formula : Hours * Bill Rate
  2. If you have First Name, Last Name fields, you can create a calculated field 'Full Name' using the formula: First Name+' '+Last Name
  3. If the Phone field has the value 3022221111, you can create a calculated field 'Phone' to show the value as (302) 222-1111
  4. You can create a calculated field 'Total Hours Worked' in Employee module using the formula: Sum(Employee.Time sheet.Hours)