Audit Trail

Maintaining a complete audit trail for each document throughout its life cycle is important, not only for internal analysis and process optimization but also for compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Conrep keeps track of all the user login sessions and what operations a user has performed during that session along with the IP address from which one has accessed the application.

The following is an insight into the benefits:

  • Track your employee's attendance and the time they spend in office as well as in the application.
  • Maintain the history of every action performed for a record throughout its life cycle.
  • Record & Field history reports to track who made changes, what, when, and to which fields.
  • View deleted documents and restore them.
  • Protect your organization in legal situations with a proven record of the actions executed on a given document.
You can track your employee's attendance from your Inbox by scheduling an email job, so that your management team can get daily attendance report in their Inbox. Just ask all your employees to login into Conrep every morning and do some activity again while signing out for the day and that's it.
User Login Reports
User login reports provide complete login details along with Login time, Logout (or last inactivity) time, IP address, time spent and whether a user logged out or was automatically logged out due to user inactivity. Click on the below links to view sample user log reports.

Record and Field History

Conrep maintains the history of every action performed for a record throughout its lifecycle.

All the record changes and deleted records get saved in separate database tables to reduce load on the main application tables. All audit reports show the data from these tables.

Click on the below links to view sample reports:
Record History
Field History
Deleted documents report