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Visit us at booth# 112, at the conference which has fast become known as the recruiting event of 2010. Presented by two recruiting powerhouses, Onrec and Kennedy Information, the event will be held at the Donald E Stephens Convention Center, in Chicago IL, during September 14-16, 2010.

THE Recruiting Conference of 2010

This event will bring attendees, recruiting experts and suppliers from around the world together to share their common interests; to provide networking in an educational and professional environment which will stimulate beneficial partnerships, discussions, and debates.

Why Attend: Hearing from and interacting with thought leaders, gaining perspective, learning new skills, seeing the latest technology, building new relationships, all of these will help all of us prepare for the next decade of talent management.

Commentators, recruiting trendsetters, HR practitioners, and the industry's most innovative suppliers provide conference attendees the opportunity to gain insight into the development and growth in the USA and globally in sourcing and recruitment. This helps attendees stay current on changes in the methods of acquiring the best talent that is now so central to staying successful in this new economy. Talent Acquisition Today!

onrec Expo 2010 brings together online recruitment thought leaders, sourcing experts, and corporate recruiters from both Fortune 500 firms to brilliantly-staffed small companies.

The conference session offers expert insight in to best practices, current trends, market influences, metrics, statistics and today's talent pool. The event provides information and learning that sourcers, recruiters and HR practitioners can implement immediately as well as support their organization's long term staffing efforts.